National University System

National University System

Paving new pathways to educational opportunity.

Modern learners will likely travel many educational pathways throughout their lifetime. The key is to make sure those pathways are accessible and interconnected to accommodate transition from one to another. The National University System is an allied, integrated approach to lifelong learning that broadens access to exemplary educational opportunities for diverse populations of students and organizations.

The System was created to provide innovative educational opportunities by uniting institutions under a common purpose and vision to strategically pool resources and strengthen one another. The System offers multiple entry points into an integrated, multi-tiered alliance of educational institutions.

Each affiliate institution is dedicated to serving a particular population through specific structures and curricula, while sharing state-of-the-art resources in the pursuit of common goals. From this unified, integrated vision, the System has grown to offer a variety of learner-centered curricula and programs while recognizing and maximizing the value of faculty, staff and partners. Our organizational structure is future-focused and results-oriented, exercises innovative management strategies, and maintains a true commitment to community.

As it expands over the coming years, the National University System will embrace an increasingly diverse set of educational organizations, serving the needs of a varied clientele as an all-encompassing institution dedicated to access and quality. The System continues to pursue support from corporations, foundations and governmental entities, as well as global partnerships with public and private educators as we realize our vision.

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National University System is an affiliate of the National University System.