National University System 2020

National University System 2020

NUS 2020 is the first strategic plan for the National University System. NUS 2020 is the overarching plan that will help the system and its affiliates deliver an exceptional experience through innovative solutions to adult learners nationwide.

Mission: To deliver an exceptional student experience by providing superior services, meaningful learning, and market-relevant programs.

Vision: To be an educational system whose graduates are transformed and positively contribute to society.

The mission and vision embody a High Touch, High Tech, and High Choice experience through:

  • Cross-institutional pathways, delivery options, and degree choices
  • A national network of physical campuses, complemented by a dominant online presence
  • Integration of next -generation learning technologies into all programs and courses
  • Application of analytics to improve student success

NUS Values and Priorities provide the framework for NUS 2020 strategies

Values:  Quality, Innovation, Collaboration, Diversity, Access

Priorities: Academic Excellence, Partnership and Community, Growth, Sustainability, Technology, Professional Development

NUS Affiliate Differentiation Strategy

Each affiliate institutional strategic plan aligns with NUS 2020 and uniquely contributes to the system. Affiliates with scalable, market-relevant programs contribute to national expansion, while those with expertise in select graduate disciplines focus system excellence in those domains.

2020 Cost Leadership Strategy
As a system, NUS leverages best practices, benefits, efficiencies, and standardized services across affiliates, all of which reduce the cost of delivery.