NUS Mission, Vision, and Values

NUS Mission, Vision, and Values

National University System (NUS) is committed to meeting a growing mandate for educational institutions that are more flexible, responsive, and dynamic than traditional schools. In the rapidly changing landscape of education, NUS endeavors to serve students looking for alternative learning environments that better align with their educational needs and personal life obligations.

NUS is a mission-driven organization, committed to student success for adult learners nationwide.

Provide superior services, which include personalized student advising and academic planning; efficient delivery of support services; abundant and accessible student learning and career resources; and rewarding alumni engagement and support.

To be an educational system whose graduates are transformed and contribute to society. Our vision will be realized through:

  • The creation of cross-institutional pathways, delivery options, and degree choices; provide “Any time, Any Place, Any Pace” access to education
  • A national network of physical campuses, complemented by a dominant online presence
  • The integration of next-generation learning technologies into all programs and courses
  • Sophisticated application of big data and predictive analytics to improve the student experience

Our nonprofit institutions share a set of values that honor their commitment to deliver an exceptional student experience. These drive our daily contributions and outline the guiding principles for all we do:

  • Quality: Provide an exceptional student experience, from initial contact to degree completion and engagement as alumni
  • Innovation: Invest in the cultivation of innovation internally and remain abreast of the latest developments that impact our students
  • Collaboration: Create cooperative work relationships, enabling us to develop the best services, learning solutions, and academic pathways for our students
  • Diversity: embrace differences in race, gender, age, ability, and geography into our academic fabric and appreciate those differences as drivers of change
  • Access: Offer flexible, convenient, and affordable courses and programs for any qualified and motivated lifelong learner