Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Marks its 5th Anniversary with the Release of Newly Updated Book, Cause Selling the Sanford Way: A Guide to Relationship-Driven Fundraising

Release of book marks successful nationwide expansion of Sanford Institute of Philanthropy, led by nonprofit National University System; New eBook format increases access to industry-changing principles based on the vision of philanthropist T. Denny Sanford

San Diego, CA – Sanford Institute of Philanthropy, founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Denny Sanford in collaboration with nonprofit National University System, advances its mission to make training tools and resources more accessible to fundraising professionals through the second edition publication of its industry-leading book, Cause Selling the Sanford Way: A Guide to Relationship-Driven Fundraising. The new book marks one of several milestones leading to the Institute’s fifth anniversary. Offered for the first time in hard copy and digital format, the text integrates proven business strategies with relationship-building principles to support both emerging and established fundraisers steward long-lasting donor relationships that increase charitable giving and their positive impact on society.Sanford-Institute-of-Philanthropy-Marks-5th-Anniversary

Inspired by Mr. Sanford’s personal experiences as a donor, giving more than 1.6 billion dollars to causes for education, health and children worldwide, the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy was developed to provide education programs and tactics that equip nonprofit professionals advance their causes. The Institute, which originated in 2014 at San Diego-based National University, is being expanded nationwide through a larger initiative led by the National University System to connect more fundraising professionals with the Sanford Institute’s unique cause-selling principles. To date, affiliate Institutes have been established at 16 universities across the country and fostered more than 200,000 interactions to inspire and train fundraisers.

“For nearly five years, the National University System has had the honor and privilege of partnering with Denny Sanford, one of American’s most generous philanthropists, to further his mission of developing programs that address critical needs in the nonprofit and education sectors,” said Dr. Michael R. Cunningham, chancellor of the National University System, a network of nonprofit education institutions serving Pre-K to doctoral level students. “We are thrilled to see these programs making positive impacts in communities nationwide that will leave a lasting legacy for future generations.”

The core principles of the cause-selling approach, covered in the new book, are disseminated through practical applications taught in workshops and fundraising academies by best in class faculty and world-renowned philanthropists at the growing network of Sanford Institute of Philanthropy affiliates including: City University of Seattle and John F. Kennedy, both part of the National University System, as well as Long Island University in New York, Howard University in District of Columbia, Xavier University in Louisiana, and Texas A&M Central and Laredo.

“As a philanthropist dedicated to distributing my wealth to causes I believe in strongly, few things are as gratifying to me as seeing the transformational impacts of effective fundraising,” said Mr. Sanford. “My goal for the expansion of the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy, led by the National University System, is to equip more effective fundraisers with proven business principles that maximize fundraising capabilities to enable the roughly 2.2 million nonprofits in this country and abroad to make the world a better place.”

In the new edition of Cause Selling the Sanford Way: A Guide to Relationship-Driven Fundraising, authors Dr. David Lill and Jennifer Lill-Brown, both major contributors to industry best practices, elevate the foundation set in the original Cause Selling the Sanford Way: A Guide to Successful Nonprofit Fundraising with a more narrative, contemporary feel to augment the absorption of content and case studies found in chapters such as “A New Era of Fundraising,” “How to Find Qualified Donors,” and “How to Confirm the Gift.” The book further adapts to the evolving nonprofit landscape with new features like the “social media connection,” which occurs throughout the book with step-by-step guides on cultivating donor relationships through social networks.

“Thanks to Denny Sanford’s vision and the incredible skill of David and Jennifer Lill-Brown, fundraisers and soon-to-be development officers now have a comprehensive guidebook on all phases of donor-centered relationship building and management. I look forward to adding this extraordinary resource to our professional development program,” said Mark A. Stuart, President and CEO of the San Diego Foundation.

The Sanford Institute of Philanthropy is one of three Sanford Programs housed within the National University System. Sanford Harmony, a Pre-K-6 social emotional learning program, and Sanford Inspire, a professional development program for teachers, were designed to support inspired teaching and collaborative learning environments that motivate children to be enthusiastic, active learners. National University System is nearing the five-year anniversary of the launch of all three Sanford Programs. Through the System’s expansion efforts, the programs, which are managed by Scott Page, Senior Vice President of Sanford Programs, are now reaching more than 8 million students nationwide.

The book is available on Amazon in hardcover for $79.97 and in digital format for $29.95. To learn more about the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy and order the new edition of Cause Selling The Sanford Way: A Guide to Relationship-Driven Fundraising visit

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Sanford Institute of Philanthropy offers educational and training programs to help nonprofits significantly increase their fundraising capabilities and their positive impacts on society.  Based on the vision of philanthropist and entrepreneur T. Denny Sanford, the first Sanford Institute of Philanthropy launched at San Diego-based nonprofit National University in 2014 with the development of proven contemporary curricula presented by recognized nonprofit leaders, faculty and renowned philanthropists. The National University System is leading the expansion of the Institute, in coordination with colleges and universities around the country to launch affiliate Institutes serving regions nationwide. A common cornerstone among each Institute is the Cause Selling approach toward fundraising and donor relationships that blends the passion of philanthropy with an emphasis on proven business principles. To learn more about the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy national initiative, please visit:

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